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What's in My Makeup Bag with @flissnoakes

In the latest instalment of our What's in My Makeup Bag series, we catch up with Fliss from @flissnoakes. We talk all things beauty and she shares what items she keeps in her Clear Travel Case.
Hi, thanks for joining us! When did you start your Instagram and how did it come about?
I’ve had Instagram for a while now but only recently started creating content back in March. I’ve always loved putting outfits together and give me any excuse to get dressed up and put on make up and I’m there! I was inspired by other bloggers to just go for it!
What’s your full time job? How do you juggle your time between creating content for your Instagram and your full time job? 
I am currently working on my science PhD full time and with such a heavy workload, I find that most of the time I shoot content at the weekends. (In reality I spend most of my time wearing a white lab coat!)
When did your passion for all things beauty start? 
I’ve always been interested in the science behind make-up and after visiting labs home to luxury beauty brands I was hooked! 
What are 3 items on your Clear Travel Case?
My three favourites in the travel case have to be the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, the Tan-Luxe Super Glow and the Nars blush. 
What are your top 3 makeup products?
I think my top 3 makeup products have to be the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless foundation, (I’ve only just switched to this foundation and I already love it), the Chanel CC Cream (ideal for summer weather) and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow palettes are a must for every season!
And your top 3 skincare products?
There’s so many skincare products I love, but if I had to choose my top three would be the Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic, the Sunday Riley Glycolic acid and the Dior Capture Totale range!
Lastly, could you share a makeup or skincare tip that you swear by?
Always wear spf as a base to your make up!
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